Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Innoko the Fearless

Puppies can be a real challenge, especially if the puppy is so large that his young age is easily overlooked.  That seems to be the case with "little" Innoko.  Innoko is only 7 months old, yet he is the largest dog in the kennel.  His challenging behavior is a propensity to pick on his kennel mates, sometimes resulting in squabbles that border on being true dogfights.  Squabbles are generally loud, noisy displays of ferocity that do not result in injury to either dog.  Since no one has drawn blood, it's still appropriate to refer to Innoko's tussels with other males in the kennel as "squabbles".

He isn't just fearless around other dogs.  Today I was running a gasoline powered week whacker to cut down some of the chickweed and, especially, foxtails that threaten to overwhelm the kennel.  Since foxtails can be very dangerous to dogs it's very important to remove them before their seed pods can fully form, dry out, and harden. 

Usually when I'm running noisy equipment like the weed whacker, the dogs go into their houses or shy away from the noise of the machine.  Not little Innoko, though.  With tail wagging and a happy, tongue-out grin on his face, he thought he really needed to check out that noisy thing.  I had to move him to a spare post for a while in order to do the work that was needed at his previous spot. 

Innoko is of a proper age to be introduced to the harness.  I'll start that process within the next few days, though I have to admit I'm thinking it could be quite a challenge.  Normally I would use a skijoring belt and tugline for the process, but Innoko is a BIG, strong boy.  I think I'd be wiser to hook him up to a heavy tire or other drag rather than hooking him up to my own body.  Doing so may save me a trip to the acute care clinic or emergency room.

I was hoping the new tractor would be delivered today, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.  I really need it to do some work in the kennel, as there are a couple of places that could use some fill dirt and fresh wood shavings.  Recent wet weather hasn't done the kennel very many favors. 

Even as I write there is thunder rumbling in the distance and dark clouds are forming above our yard.  I'm guessing that we are fixing to have another thunderstorm, complete with plenty of rain to keep things kind of sloppy around here. 

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