Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Machinery

The new little tractor was delivered right at feeding time tonight.  I was able to restrain myself long enough to feed the fuzz-butts and scoop the yard before climbing aboard to move some dirt.  There is one circle in the far back corner of the yard that the dogs have dug up pretty remarkably, and I've dreaded the thought of trying to fill in the holes and restore the original slope.

Well, this darned machine moved more dirt in 45 minutes than I could have moved all day long with the four-wheeler and meat trailer - and I'm a rank amateur as an operator.  Teddy was checking it out, with camera in hand.

First Job for the New Machine (Photo by Teddy Kirby)
 This is classified as a compact tractor, and it seems like just the right size for working in a dog yard.  It's small enough to fit in-between houses or tie-out posts (or houses AND tie-out posts), but big enough to do a serious job of work. 

Small enough to fit in tight spaces, big enough to do a serious job of work (Photo by Teddy Kirby)
 Even with that long stinger for the post hole auger sticking off the back, it was easy to maneuver around.  I'm rather amazed at the tight turning radius and I wasn't even using the turn brakes, which can put it in an even tighter circle. 

Oh Yeah!  This is cool.  (Photo by Ted Kirby)   

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