Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Year Later

Today marks an anniversary for the Stardancer gang, and even though I'm at work and can't celebrate in the traditional manner it nonetheless deserves mention.  One year ago Ted Kirby assumed his duties as the Stardancer Historical Sled Dogs official handler. 

Y'all don't remember Teddy?  I actually introduced him here in the blog last August.  Over the course of the past year Teddy has done excellent work for me, and quite a bit of side work for other mushers, including Aliy and Allen Zirkle, Devon and Judy Currier, Sue and Mike Ellis and the fastest woman on the Quest trail, Abbie West.  This summer he has been working full-time as the Alaska Conservation Corps supervisor out at the Chena River State Recreation Area in addition to his vaious side jobs.

Teddy and his wife, Clare, are putting together quite a respectable team of dogs of their own.  Many of their dogs purebred Siberians that are the progeny of dogs that Teddy cared for and trained while he worked for Earl and Natalie Norris,  and they have a couple of up-and-coming young Alaskan malamutes as well. 

Teddy isn't the only hard worker in their little family.  Clare has been teaching summer school, taking some classes on-line, and working several evenings each week at Two Rivers Lodge.

Teddy and Clare have officially earned their status as honest to goodness Alaskan sourdoughs.  They've spent a full winter, and a full year up here in the Great Land - in the Interior of the Great Land.  They've done more than just endored - they've done very well for themselves, and I'm proud to know them as friends as well as colleagues.

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