Monday, June 4, 2012

Returning to Work

It hardly seems possible that it is time for me to be packing up and heading back out to my workplace, but indeed that is the case.  Any time I have to go Outside for a clinical rotation it leaves a limited amount of time for me to take care of my own affairs. 

Yesterday Anita Fowler of Sirius Sled Dogs brought her summer handler, Kristen Eckwright over for a visit.  Kristen handled for Points Unknown last winter, and is spending this summer up here helping 'Nita and Josh.   Kristen arrived in Alaska on Saturday, and Sunday morning was already reunited with the two puppies she help raise, Animosh and Chetan.

Kristen Eckwright with Animosh

Kristen with Chetan

After Nita and Kristen left, I fired up the lawn mower for the first time this year.  I had slightly more than half the mowing finished when a heavy thunderstorm drove me away from the task. 

Today was my last day of R&R, so it was quite busy.  I was up early to do my kennel chores before doing some business with my car insurance carrier over the phone, and then heading into town to be first in line when my favorite barbershop opened.  Once Joe was finished with my head I had some other stops to make to purchase the supplies I need for two weeks on the job. 

Among those errands I had to purchase fuel for the car.  While I pumped expensive gasoline I couldn't help but think of the disparity in gasoline prices between Georgetown, KY and Fairbanks, AK.  In Kentucky, I paid $3.34 per gallon.  Here are the prices we are paying today.

The price of mechanized mobility in Fairbanks, AK today.
When I got home from town I did all of the packing for work I can do until morning, and then finished mowing the grass.  As I was finishing up the job the clouds moved in, and we got another huge thunderstorm, this one complete with gravel-sized hail.

Tonight, the dogs are doing well.  Both Animosh and Chetan have moved into the 'general population' of the dog yard, and received brand new 'adult' collars to replace their smaller puppy collars. 

You won't hear much from me for the next two weeks, while my efforts will be directed on behalf of my employer.  When I return I'll be starting this year's kennel improvement projects in earnest, and I'm sure there will be plenty to report then.

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