Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Job #1

I got off duty after 2 weeks of work at 6:00 this morning, and beat feet for the house.  First I had to stop in town for some grocery shopping, which took a bit.  There wasn't much of a selection of fresh produce, and the prices on meat were stinkin' outrageous.  It seemed the prices were higher than I recall from my last R&R and there is nothing to account for it.

In any event, when I got home this is what I saw:  

In two weeks under the midnight sun, the yard has grown signficantly, looking much like a jungle to my mind's eye.  I got my groceries and luggage unpacked, grabbed a nap, and then fired up the lawn mower. 

This looks a whole lot better to me - as though someone actually cares about the place.

Seriously, it was a beautiful day, and it is really, really GOOD to be home.

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