Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to Normal

I spent most of the day doing relatively small tasks associated with the big project of building the shed.  For example, I needed to realign the east kennel perimeter fence, installing an equipment / vehicle access gate at the same time.  I needed to move the dog yard tool shed, and I needed to tidy things up a bit around the shed to make the space useable. 

It took most of the day to accomplish those tasks, but in part because I got a late start.  I actually slept in until about 7:30 this morning, so didn't get started until around 10:00.  Here are some photographs that show the new layout pretty well.

Photographed from the deck, you can see that the new perimeter fence has both a large equipment gate, and a smaller 'manway' gate for easy access to the dog yard.

A view looking up the driveway shows the equipment gate and the fence tied into a corner of a small storage building tacked onto the side of the garage.

Although a bit of a tight fit, there is plenty of room to get the truck in and out of the dog yard.
 After kennel chores and my own supper I fired up the lawn mower and cut the yard.  That task has been neglected and, with company coming tomorrow evening, I really wanted the place to look like someone actually cares about it.  That's because I actually do care about it. 

Tomorrow I need to make yet another trip to town, to stock up on dog food, replace a garden hose that one of the dogs chewed up (my own fault) and pick up some incidentals.  With only three more days of R&R left, I'm looking forward to a somewhat less demanding and hopefully more restful schedule.


  1. What is the fencing behind the house that can be seen in the first photo? Your yards have certainly changed from what I remember from '09.

  2. That is the isolation pen I installed on the western perimeter of the dog yard last year. The entire northern side is made up of similar chain-link pens, tucked back into the trees.