Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mission Accomplished

I finished roofing the new equipment shed this evening.  It's about as simple as a shed can be, but it should serve the purpose of protecting the tractor, four-wheeler and other motorized equipment from the weather.  When finances permit it will be easy duty to remove the blue tarp and replace it with something more attractive and substantial.  Meanwhile, though, here it is - a prime example of good old-fashioned Alaskan backwoods architecture, engineering and construction.

As seen from the deck.

There are still some incidental tasks to be done.  Now I'll realign the kennel fence to restore the "truck gate", a gate on this end of the kennel I can use to access the dog yard with the truck, tractor or other equipment.  That big steel cabinet you see off the end of the shed will go to the other end of the shed, backed up against it and seated on concrete blocks to elevate it just a bit.  I use that steel cabinet for safely storing flammable fuels. 

The dog yard tool shed you can see in the last picture beyond the equipment shed will be moved to the back of the garage, near a manway door where it will continue to store extra hardware, feeding pans and of course the ever necessary scooping tools. 

That should be enough stuff to keep me steadily busy over the next day or two, along with some guests I'm expecting this weekend.  I'll write more about them afterward.

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