Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Filling In

Aumaruq has been a very busy boy.  This yearling, originally from Jay Cadzow and Abbie West, was described to me as "a big, goofy boy who pulls hard and runs straight."   What WASN'T said was that when he isn't running he finds other activities to entertain himself, such as eating dog houses and playing in the dirt.

Today I've spent nearly all morning filling in holes in the dog yard, and Aumaruq's circle was far and way the one requiring the most. to get a full appreciation of his handiwork, click on the picture below to see it full-sized.

Here's how the yard looked at sunrise this morning, before I started the tractor.

Dog yard at sunrise, 9/12/2012

Here's how the yard looked after filling in a few of the craters.

Yard at 1:00 pm, 9/12/2012

Linda Newman asked for some recent photographs of Animosh and Chetan.  I captured these images of the 'girlz' this morning as well.

Aimosh - with Vlad trotting by in the pen in the background

Chetan, standing tall on fresh dirt.
After doing the dirt work in the yard, I did a quick job of mowing grass so I could put the lawn mower away for the season.  It's tucked way back in a corner of the equipment shed.  There is still plenty more to do, but I think I'll take a bit of a break before tackling any more today.  I've earned it.

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