Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scratching Off the Honey Do List

I try to be reasonably well organized because there is always a lot of stuff to be done, and if I don't take a step by step approach to doing it all things invariably slip through the cracks, up until the moment when it becomes critical. 

I actually keep several "to do" lists.  One is generally a list of major seasonal projects.  Through the course of winter I contemplate things I might do to make life a bit easier around the ol' home place, and try to get those big projects done during our short albeit intense summer. 

The other is the short-term (i.e. next R&R) do list.  I add to the list all those little pesky tasks that need to be done as I think of them, often while I'm at work.  Rather than risk them falling through the cracks, I add them to my Honey Do list, and scratch them off in turn.

So far in just the past two days, I've scratched off...

-  Mow and yard and put the mower away for the season.  DONE
-  Fill in the holes in the dog yard.  - DONE
-  Fill in holes in the pens.  - DONE
-  Replace damaged dog houses in the yard.  - DONE
-  Repair damaged dogs houses for future use.  -  DONE

I have a couple of items on that list that have been delayed waiting for an infusion of money, but tomorrow is payday, so several more items on the list will be scratched off.  Right now I'm feeling pretty good about my ability to have things buttoned up and ready for winter.

Of course there is always the risk, perhaps inevitable risk, that I just won't think of something that should be on the list until that oversight causes some sort of problem.  That's just the way things go sometimes, I guess.

Oh, I do have another list sitting on the table.  That's the list of stops I need to make while running errands tomorrow.  That should also go well, so long as I remember to bring along my list of reminders.

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