Monday, October 15, 2012

Home Again

Sorry I've been so long in updating the blog.  Things were quite busy at work as we have a sizeable project going on at my workplace which required a fair amount of medical work on my part, and a LOT of work on the part of all the craftspeople involved.  Immediately after my tour of duty I had to fly down to Anchorage for medical training, including the infamous ACLS and a paramedic transition course required by NREMT of all us old-farts who started in the business before paramedic programs around the U.S. were standardized. 

I returned home last night, and spent today doing some errands in town (Fairbanks).  First was to get some groceries in the house, as there wasn't a whole lot of human food available.  There was, however, over a ton of dog food.  While I was being educated, Jeff (our handler) picked up a full ton of food and stacked it in the new storage unit.  A ton of food, ready whenever it's needed, sure looks good to my eyes.

After buying my groceries I headed over to the Alaska Communications Systems (ACS) office to replace my poor, broken cell phone.  I chose to upgrade to a smart phone as it has a lot of useful features I can probably use effectively.  I know, it really is about time I joined the 21st century, and I'm sure I'll appreciate the convenience, but (sigh) I sometimes feel like the popular technology is advancing faster than my brain cells can operate. 

In any event, it really didn't take very long for me to figure out how the thing works, it has a large enough screen I can see it easily, and already the GPS and map feature has proved useful, so I guess I'll keep it handy.

My plans for the remainder of the week, until I return to work, is to work with the dogs every day.  We've fallen behind in our fall training and it's past time that I got these dogs out on the trail.  Heck, we already have an inch or two of snow on the ground, the four-wheeler is in great shape and ready to go, the projects are well completed, and it's time we started playing rather than working so darned much.

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