Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friday is Here, and So Am I

I returned home yesterday evening from a week long trip to Kentucky.  Little Friday beat me by a few hours, courtesy of Jen and Micheal Raffaeli. 

Friday with Jen and Michael just before his big adventure
My week in Kentucky was very productive.  I was able to meet my training obligation quite handily with the assistance of the crews of Georgetown Scott County EMS.  I saw a pretty wide range of medical issues, one that was a true 'head scratcher', many that were straight-forward day to day emergencies, and enjoyed the company of some great medics.  I'll tell anyone who should ask that Georgetown and Scott County, Kentucky are well served by some of the best paramedics and EMTs I know. 

While in Kentucky I had a chance to consult with Janece Rollet (CCB) and Dr. Lynn Witter about some potential genetic issues that have given those of us in the Hedlund Husky Preservation Project some concerns.  I'll be sharing some information with fellow members of the project later.  Most of what I learned is reassuring and I think we can put together a really good plan for moving the project further.

My flights home were best described as long.  That Alaska Airlines flight from Chicago to Anchorage is a brutal seven hour ordeal in a coach class seat.  It takes an iron-plated butt to do that on any sort of a regular basis.  On the other hand, any time I can arrive home the same day I leave the eastern time zone I have to count it as a good flight.

While in town I did my necessary grocery shopping and headed for home.  Here at the house the first thing I saw was a loose dog in the yard.  It was one of my handler's dogs, and fortunately he came right to me when called so I was able to get him returned to his proper spot.  Once inside I found a wee bit of a plumbing problem.  While I was enjoying bright, sunny autumn days in Kentucky the thermometer here at the house plummeted, to a low of minus-18 degrees F (-28 C).  This caused a plug of ice to form in the sewer line leading out of the house, so everything is backed up. 

I unloaded my car and then went back up to the handler's yard to pick up Friday.  Friday arrived yesterday morning and Jen and Michael kindly brought him on out to the house, where the "little" guy spent the day hanging out with Jeff's puppies.  Jeff's litter is about 2 weeks older than Friday, and he was concerned his pups might decide to bully the new guy.  At around 22 pounds, Friday is actually larger than Jeff's older young ones, so he was holding his own with no problem at all.  Five puppies in a pen is a whole lot of playfulness and cuteness in one place, though. 

It didn't take long for Friday to settle into the 'big house'.  Of course, his introduction started with a nice meal which he enjoyed while I fed and watered the rest of the team.  By the time I was back in Friday was 'talking', telling me he wanted outside to do what puppies need to do outside.  That was a quick trip and when he came back in he met Shadow, a big black border collie mix who belongs to my friend Trish.  That introduction went well and Friday's next chore was to explore his surroundings.  Being a puppy, he found all sorts of things to attract curious teeth, and to remind me that nothing I don't wish chewed upon needs to be elevated.

While Friday explored I put away some of the things I'd unpacked and with supper time approaching I introduced him to the big wire crate I keep in the living area of my cabin for whatever dog might need a bit of confinement.  It took very little time at all for the excitement of his big day to catch up. 

He woke up once, when the dogs outside started howling.  He lifted his little nose to the sky are started singing with them.  Afterward, he curled up on his nice warm blanket and those little eyes drooped closed.  He slept soundly until 5:00 o'clock, when he started telling me that he needed to do what puppies need to do after a long night of sleep.  He left a pretty impressive puppy puddle in the snow.

That's about where things stand as I write.  I'm home, with a major plumbing issue to address and Friday is home, settling in nicely and not at all concerned about plumbing. 

Friday, safely tucked into his nice, warm crate this morning.

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