Saturday, November 17, 2012

Race Season Approaching.

I was just reminded that the 2012 - 13 sled dog racing season is coming very soon.  In at least 1 case it may be a bit too soon.  Here is the schedule of major races in Alaska this year.

Two Rivers Tune-up: Our local clubs season opener is scheduled for next weekend (November 24th), but from the looks of snow conditions on local trails it is likely to be postponed until the following weekend (December 1st).  We haven't gotten very much snow yet, and the long term forecast doesn't look particularly favorable.

Sheep Mountain 150: Scheduled to start on December 15th.  Many of Alaska's favorite mushers have already signed up for this race, and it should be one worthy of our attention.  You can learn more about this race from the Sheep Mountain Lodge website.

Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association Solstice 50/100 is slated for December 22nd.  Surely we'll have plenty of snow on the trails by then, or I'm going to be terribly disappointed.

Top of the World 350: This is a brand new race organized by Yukon Quest champion Hugh Neff and the people of Eagle Village, Alaska.  It is scheduled to start on December 17th and has already attracted a very nice field of excellent back-country mushers.

The Knik 200 doesn't have a website, but that race is scheduled to start on January 5th.

The Copper Basin 300 has had more than it's fair share of troubles, with a bad trail forcing the race to cancel last year, and lack of volunteers nearly causing a cancellation this year as well.  In spite of their issues, the race giving organization (RGO) has schedule the race to begin on January 12th.

The Kuskokwim 300, though well off the road system and difficult (expensive) for many mushers to participate, always draws some top names as well as some truly awesome teams from the Bush that we don't often get to follow.  It is scheduled to start on January 18th.

The Tustumena 200 is run down on the Kenai Peninsula in some of the most challenging terrain in the State.  It is scheduled to Start February 2nd.

Then we get to the big events of the season, starting with the Yukon Quest, also starting February 2nd, and Iditarod starting one month later, on March 2nd.

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