Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday's Friday

Yesterday was pretty hectic as my friend Trish and I took a truckload of dogs to Golden Heart Veterinary Service for needed vaccinations and microchips for a couple of newcomers to the kennel (Aumaruq and Vladimir).  Everyone else, including Friday, are already chipped for identification purposes.

Friday came along for the ride and even though it was a bitterly cold morning he seemed to enjoy the whole adventure.  During most of the time he rode in the cab with the humans and Trish's big, black border collie Shadow.  While we were shuttling dogs in and out of the vet office, Friday got to hang out in the dog box like a big dog.  He got his own turn to meet Dr. Mark May for a 'well puppy check', part of his ongoing socialization and habituation process.

When we were ready to make the next of several stops for the morning, Friday was sleeping sounding in the box, so we let him ride there just like a big dog as we drove across town to buy refill some propane cylinders.  Next he was back in the cab for the drive over to our local Sam's Club, back in the box for the short trip over to my pharmacy, and back in the cab for the trip home.  (whew)  The little guy slept sounding for several hours once we got home.

Of course when he awakened he was well rested and ready to rock and roll.  That caused a bit of a problem when I looked away for just a couple of seconds.  The little rascal found the table top (he's taller than I gave him credit for) and absconded with one of my hearing aids.  He must have thought it either really tasty or really fun because....

Friday's afternoon snack
I immediately rolled up a magazine and started beating myself over the head, shouting "Bad human, bad bad human."  Friday was just being a puppy, and I was not so smart leaving anything he can even remotely access.

The only real concern (other than the cost) is that I can't find the damned battery.  Fortunately it is a zinc ion battery, so can not release caustic materials into his digestive system and it is small enough (only 1.2 volts) that it is unlikely to cause an electrolysis reaction that can kill internal tissue.  Still, it's a concern.  After consulting with me vet and some other experienced people I've been feeding him up, sorting through this stool (yuk) looking for it, and have an appointment for this afternoon to have him X-rayed to make sure that this, too, has passed.

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