Sunday, November 18, 2012

Inside of a Dog...

Followers may recall that yesterday I was concerned that Friday might have ingested a hearing aid battery.  That prompted a trip to Golden Heart Veterinary Service, where Mark May x-rayed the little guy, just to be certain.  Hence, we got a pretty nice view inside of a dog.  To see the image full size just click on the picture.

Inside Friday
The important thing is that there was nothing inside the puppy that shouldn't be inside the puppy.

Trish and I went to Abbie West's Yukon Quest fundraiser party last night.  It was a standing room only crowd in Two Rivers Lodge, so I think she probably did quite well. 

Much of the conversation among dog mushers in the Lodge was centered on the lack of snow.  Although a few folks are running teams on sleds, most of us are still on wheels or not getting out much at all.  Trail reports from the hills behind the house are that fall hunters have left some very deep ruts in some of the trails that we usually run very frequently, and it will take at least a foot or more of snow to put in safe trails for dog teams. 

I just checked the long range forecast for our region, and there doesn't seem to be a single snowflake in site for at least the next week. 

Today I hope to start laying down a foundation on my feeder trail and maybe get a team or two out for some short runs.  A lot depends upon whether or not my four-wheeler will start and run at our currently sub-zero temperature.  It's also time for me to start preparing to return to work in two days (sigh).  R&R never seems quite long enough, especially when circumstances and weather do not cooperate.

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  1. That was an amazing view of what's inside the dog. Glad there's nothing wrong with him. Thanks for writing about this Swanny. :)

    By: Irene of Hunting Alaska