Friday, January 4, 2013

Thursday's Run

Yesterday's team was a bit of a mix and match affair.  I wanted Aumaruq to get some time in lead beside a seasoned dog, so I put him beside Just.  Just is a small dog, and Aumaruq a biggun, so it looked odd, but it worked out well.

Hedlund husky yearling Animosh ran beside Amazing Grace in swing.  I wanted Grace close to the front in case I needed a back up leader, and needed a pair of dogs in between here and her sister, because they are none too fond of each other.

I put Midnight's Son beside Denali in team, for the reason noted above.  In wheel I had Nels, a big 1/2 Hedlund, and Ani's sister Chetan, a deep Hedlund.

This was the longest run the yearlings have done so far this year, and it didn't phase them a bit.  They did a great job, and we enjoyed a wonderful run through the woods.

Here's some video of our Thursday adventure.

I'll be running more dogs later today.

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