Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Quickie

I don't have much time before going on duty, but wanted to share a couple of things about the Quest.  There is a nice article in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner that sums up yesterday's adventures pretty nicely.  It's a good analysis of the race thus far. 

So far, race officials are saying that none of the mushers seem to be unhappy with the decision to by-pass American Summit this year.  Meanwhile, they have a crew out on the river frantically trying to carve out a raceable trail.  I wish I had more time to comment on river running as opposed to overland trails, but (sigh), my workplace is calling.

Last night Hugh Neff blazed through the Pelly Crossing checkpoint.  Apparently his team much prefers running at night during this warm spell, and he's willing to accommodate their preference.  Allen Moore is currently in 2nd position, resting his team in Pelly.  Based on the live tracking function, it looks like Brent Sass is in third, approaching Pelly Crossing. 

Lance Mackey is well back, in the middle of a cluster of mushers still some distance out.  He commented yesterday that his dogs really don't like running in the heat.

To get an idea of just how warm it is, take a look at the video posted on the SPKennel website as Allen Moore's team trots into Pelly Crossing checkpoint.  Yep, that really is wet water they are running through. 

OK, I've GOT to go earn money to pay for dog food.  Most likely I'll post more this evening.


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