Sunday, February 3, 2013

YQ Evening Update.

Other than Hugh Neff, no one seemed to be in any particular hurry to leave the checkpoint at Carmacks.  After giving his team a solid six hours of rest Hugh left the checkpoint about a quarter after 3pm.  Allen Moore, in second place, left the checkpoint more than two hours behind the leader and has apparently dropped a dog at the checkpoint.  Jake Berkowitz, who had already served his mandatory layover in Braeburn, blazed through, stopping for only 5 minutes. Currently in fourth place, Scott Smith also did a very quick check in / check out.  Brent Sass had no choice but to wait out his mandatory layover but he is scheduled to leave even as I am writing.

Based on the weather reports I'm seeing, it's very warm out on the trail this evening, with temperatures around 25 degrees above zero and fresh snow is falling.  I wouldn't think anyone would be pushing their dogs particularly hard in those conditions.

I'm surprised at how spread out the mushers are this evening.  I would have expected them to be much closer.  Well, we all know how good (not) I am at predicting sled dog races, eh?

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