Saturday, March 23, 2013

A bit of catch up.

When last I wrote, I had taken a small team for a leader trial for Animosh and puppy run for Thowra. The next day (Wednesday) I harnessed up an older and more experienced team intending to do some exploring. I ended up taking a wrong turn onto a trail that led me into a residential area. This first necessitated turning the team around on a well used trail, and then later getting them out of someone's back yard. It truly is easier to show than to explain. The video is only about 7 minutes long because I sped up the action in the long, drawn out "error correction" parts.

Thursday I had to spend most of the day in town to run errands and work with my accountant to prepare my federal tax return. 

I was planning to run dogs yesterday, but while feeding my feet slipped out from under me, causing me fall.  I landed hard on my back and realized in very short order that trying to run dogs would not be a particularly bright idea.  I felt that taking care of the lower back pain would make it possible to run a team today.

But, fate has a way of intervening.  This morning I woke to a nice fall of snow, a good three or four inches of heavy spring type snow.  The type that had to be removed from the driveway.  It took several hours of work with the tractor to accomplish that, and by the time I was finished my back was hurting me once again. 

So, here I am, updating the blog, and hoping that I'll feel more sound tomorrow and can finish the exploration that I so badly bungled on Wednesday.  Wish me luck with that, tomorrow will be my last chance to run dogs before I return to my work place.

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