Sunday, March 24, 2013

Successful Journey of Exploration

The other day when I tried this, I got myself a bit confused.  None of that today.  Today I took the proper and right turn off the Dead Martin Trail, and then the proper right turn on the trail to Oh Sh*t Hill.  Sorry, but that's really what it's named.

I'm pretty sure that the person who named it screamed it aloud while careening down with a big string of dogs, 'cause anyone going UP it is likely to be working way too hard and be way too out of breath to say much of anything.  That would especially include me.

The team worked very smoothly through most of the run, but didn't quite earn full bragging rights.  I decided to take the crew home via our neighbor's feeder trail, as I have their permission to use it and it's a lot more fun than returning via the Swamp Trail.  Today the neighbors were also out on the trail, and my leaders decided it would be O.K. to ignore my "on by" cue and visit with Julie and the dogs she was walking.  I've never struck a dog, but I have been known to discuss issues in rather strict tones, and such was the case today.

So, if you can't handle a bit of rough language, you might want to skip today's video.  After all, the geographical place name is indeed obscene, and some of the language I used with the team is a bit profane.  No "F-bombs" or anything quite that bad, but I think I pretty clearly expressed my feelings at the moment.

In any event, here are some video clips from today's challenging but successful exploration.

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