Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Alaska State Rendezvous
Although I was only able to spend two days and a single night at this years rendezvous, I really enjoyed the trip back into time. My "Nor' West Company" trading post sold a fair amount of goods, more than I had any reason to expect. More importantly, I was able to spend some time with a lot of old friends, and make some new ones as well. It was a great way to greet the solstice.

During Saturday afternoon we had some brief rain showers in the camp. One of the few times I remembered to actually use my digital camera was during one such shower, when I was kicked back inside the wall tent that served as both trading post and housing.

One of our frequent rendezvous participants, Al Avenger from Tok, made colorful fashion statement. Dressed as a 17th century gentleman of questionable repute and properly equipped with a matchlock shoulder arm, he appears to be quite a fine musketeer.

Moose on the Loose
Yesterday (Monday) was a very busy day as I had to run a few errands and try to catch up on a bit of house keeping before I could head to my place of employment. I got my ears lowered, refilled my prescription meds, made a deposit in my business' checking account, and so forth. One of my errands was to have a house key made for Stephanie Little Wolf's son, Casey. Casey is caring for my dogs while I'm at my place of employment this rotation, so needs to have access to their food and water.

On my way home from delivering that key I came across a young bull moose feeding in a marsh. I was actually pleased with myself for taking the time to enjoy his company and capture his image. Although moose are common in the Potlatch Creek drainage, most are cows and calves. This good looking bull is a bit unusual. He looks like he's growing some pretty impressive antlers.

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  1. G'day Swanny - Great to see the photos of the bush - so green - and yet, the days are now shortening already. Have been following your blogs and enjoying as usual. Thanks for posting. AussieAlaskan